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I am enthusiastic about chemistry and wish to apply it in a way that encourages others to excel in the subject.


Hi! I'm Ainsley and I'm looking forward to helping my peers improve their skills and achieve their goals.


Hey! My name is Amol and I will try my level best to help you all in whatever difficulties you may have. If you are reading this, just know that I was in your place a couple of months back and I am looking forward to hearing from you, so that I can help you overcome problems which I, myself was going through. Let's do this!


Amy Ross.jpeg

I hope to help students enjoy learning, enhance their current skills, and overcome their academic struggles.


Hi, my name is Ashika and I look forward to helping students gain self-confidence in their studies and a deeper understanding of their course material.



Hi! I look forward to helping students to find learning strategies that work best for them.


Brenner Lim.jpg

Hi, my name is Brenner and I'm here to help anyone with understanding your courses in depth and learn fundamental problem-solving strategies that can applied in future courses.



Hi, my name is Brian, and I want to help you all understand your courses better, whether it's by seeing content in a new light or finding new studying strategies.



Bruno Pinto.png

Hey, I'm Bruno! I'm  from Warren and I look forward to help anyone find their best way of learning!

Bryson Pierce.jpeg

Hi, my name is Bryson, and I can’t wait to help my peers feel confident in their classes, develop problem solving methods that will help them excel in the future, and have a good time doing it!



Chris Taves.jpg

Hi I'm Chris! I'm going into my third year as a Structural Engineering major from Seattle! I can't wait to help you with math and Physics!

David Imig.jpg

Hi my name is David. I am excited to help your understanding of any questions you have.


Emma Chan.jpg

Hi, my name is Emma and my goal as a tutor is to help students become critical thinkers and independent learners.


Eva Desai (1).jpg

Hi! My name is Eva and my goal is to help students by collaborating on challenging course content and providing academic guidance that can ensure future success at and outside UCSD.


Gerui Li.jpeg

Hi! My name is Gerui (Gary). I'm looking forward to helping you better understand your course material and gain confidence in succeeding your course work.


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Hello! My name is Harini and I'm looking forward to getting to know my peers while helping them gain the confidence and knowledge necessary to succeed in their courses.



Harnoor Sidhu.png

Hey everyone! My name is Harnoor, and I hope to provide everyone with the resources and guidance they need to reach their academic goals whether it's a hard concept or a specific question, I am here to help my peers understand how to clear these hurdles.

Janet Le.jpg

Hi! I'm Janet, and I hope that, together, my students and I can work on overcoming difficulties in their math courses.


Jeffrey Keller.jpg

Hi! I'm Jeffrey and I applied to be a tutor because I love teaching and biology and want to help other people succeed.


Hi, my name is John and I'm excited to help students build their confidence in both organic chemistry and in themselves!



Jonathan Low.JPG

Hi! I'm Jonathan, and I'm looking forward to help you all to find new strategies to overcome problems you'll have from your classes and develop an enjoyment for these classes as well.

jorge - Jorge Villazon.jpg

Hi, my name is Jorge and I want to be a tutor
to provide the opportunity for students to learn valuable technique and skills that come from the college experience and apply it to their classes and studying.



joseph_park_photo - Joseph Park.jpg

Hi, my name is Joseph, and I hope students realize their potential and are able to grow in the subject they are seeking aid in through my assistance.

Katherine Tang_edited.jpg

Hi! My name is Katherine, and I'm excited to not only help students with the concepts they need to succeed in their current classes, but also to help them build a solid foundation from which they can flourish in their future classes as well.





Kiran Ehrbeck-Malhotra.jpg

Hello, my name is Kiran and I am really looking forward to interacting with my fellow peers in an academic setting by helping them learn and understand material they might be struggling with, as well as gaining a better understanding of the material myself through tutoring.


Hello! My name is Krishna and my goal is to connect with my peers on a personal level to show them that they are capable of succeeding in difficult courses.

Lucas Chun.jpg

Hi my name is Lucas. I want to help students overcome difficult problems or understand tough concepts by showing them new perspectives or paths better suited for their own learning style and/or thought process.

Michael Kossuth.jpg

Hi, my name is Michael, and I am a second year Applied Math major and Econ minor. I'm excited to help students learn to enjoy both math and econ.



Mohona Datta.png

Hi! My name is Mohona. I hope that students can gain greater clarity about the courses they have problems with and also develop more confidence with the material.

Moksha Poladi.jpg

I hope my peers will be able to gain a better understanding of course content and feel confident in their ability to achieve their academic goals.



Nicole Ou.jpg

Hi, I'm Nicole and I want to help you develop a deeper understanding of the content or learn new study strategies in order to extract the most value out of your classes here at UCSD

Hi! My name is Rajdeep and I hope that I can help students face their problems from different perspectives and feel confident in tackling obstacles in their classes.


Richie Tay.jpg

Hi, my name is Richie, I and I want to help you overcome the fear of making mistakes, my goal is to makes you confident and proud of your work by showing you different ways to approach problems.


Hi! My name is Rishab and I am here to help you excel in your courses by creating a stronger foundation in the core material and developing key studying tactics.



Hello! My name is Salwan and I'm looking forward to helping my peers overcome their academic struggles so that they can excel in their classes.

I applied to be a biology tutor because I love biology and I love helping others become passionate about the subject too!



Si Thu

Sophia M.

Sharon Roth_edited.jpg

I want to help you gain confidence and succeed in your chemistry and organic chemistry classes.

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Hi, I'm Shush! I'm a Revelle student who loves math. I'm looking forward to helping you excel.

Si Kaung-set.jpg

Hi! My name's Si Thu and I'm a Computer Science Major from Muir. My goal is to make your time learning new material more enjoyable and worthwhile.

Sophia Madamba.png

Hi I'm Sophia and I’m a second-year Biochemistry/Chemistry major. I know how difficult college classes can be and I’m excited to help in any way I can, whether it be with concepts or helping with some tips and tricks. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Sophia W.


Sophia Warlof.jpg

Hi! My name is Sophia. My goal is to help fellow students develop a passion for and become confident in chemistry to help them succeed and develop new skills they can use in their current course and in future courses!

IMG_2967 - Thunder Bird.JPG

Hi, my name is Thunder, and I can't wait to help my fellow students overcome their academic challenges.


Uday Dhawan.JPG

Hi! My name is Uday and I want to help students understand the challenging content of their classes.


Vivianne Le.jpg

Hi! My name is Vivianne. I hope to help students feel more comfortable in their courses by giving them a place where they can freely discuss their problems with someone who's experienced it before.